Amel Dem'Vrel - Character, Okal Rel Universe
Amel as a captive of the Lorels in Part 10: Unholy Science. Art by Yukari Yamamoto

Amel Dem'Vrel

Too kind and too beautiful for his own good, Amel is the prince raised as a pauper. He rises to power on both the secular and religious front by the end of the series, and struggles against his traumatic early experiences and impossible ideals to find real, imperfect love. While not much of a fighter, he is an instinctive genius with info science and develops into a better politician than he ever imagined once he grasps his mission is to help Sevildom adapt to change. And, of course, there's his reputation as a lover to live down ... or up to, depending on the culture involved.
Pureblood Sevolite b. 175 PT in the Americ Calendar. 100% Sevolite (34% Golden Demish / 26% Blue Demish / 34% Vrellish / 6% Lorel). Son of Delm and Ev'rel. Known as Amel Dem'Vrel during the "envoy period" (192 - 212 PT).
born to Fountain Court (175 Post Treaty)
Born heir to the Sevolite empire. Lost in infancy due to court intrigue.
gorarelpul college
Raised as a commoner in the attic of the gorarelpul college with foster sister Mira, the daughter of college dean Shatenous.
Child prostitute in the UnderDocks for 6 months at the age of 10 before being placed in Den Eva's. Working courtesan for Den Eva's between 13 and 16 years of age.
envoy period
Re-discovered by Sevildom at age 16 in Part 1: The Courtesan Prince.