Okal Rel Universe

Ten Novel Series

  1. The Courtesan Prince - The status quo is shaken up when egalitarian Rire discovers the Sevolite Empire and exposes all to irrefutable proof that a commoner sword dancer is actually racist Sevildom's long lost crown prince, Amel. Relationships destined to influence history are forged, and the stage set for power struggles in Amel's name.  (Published 2005)
  2. Righteous Anger - Sevildom reacts with the threat of a crusade against Rire, pitting father against son in the influential House of Nersal and straining the moral authority of Okal Rel to keep conflict within bounds compatible with life in the empire.  (Published 2006)
  3. Pretenders - In the wake of tragic set backs, progressive leaders find the strength, through friendships, to establish a new order at court, negotiated by the apparently powerless Amel. One of them is the legendary Ameron, returned from time slip.  (Published 2008)
  4. Throne Price - Erien's returns to his homeworld to champion his Reetion foster father, and causes the collapse of the uneasy truce among Sevildom's leadership in a series of shocks that end in sordid horror for some but overall affirms the power of Okal Rel to keep the peace for all.  (Published 2003)
  5. Far Arena - Rire resists diplomatic relations with Sevildom by claiming the moral high ground, thus straining the patience of House Nersal and dragging Amel through intense public interest in him as a victim of Sevildom.  (Published 2009)
  6. Avim's Oath - Rejected by Erien, and challenged by Perry to realize the dream of making the Blue Demish a court power, Amel competes with Luthan to win Demora in a bizarre competition to identify which of them is ‘nicer’.  Luthan struggles with her love of Erien and Vretla just wants to get pregnant by either Pureblood.  When Amel’s new body guard, Alivda, chucks Vretla out of Amel’s bedroom, she joins Erien on a mission to rescue his young nephew, Leksan, who is kidnapped by a rival clan.  Amel and Erien struggle to cooperate for the greater good while competing for love and for oaths.  (Published 2010)
  7. Healer's Sword - Amel must appease the League of Demish Women for the Betterment of Men, aided by Princess Samanda O'Pearl.   Although Amel is making progress with becoming respectable, Midlord liege Ilse Marin, from a family long loyal to Ev’rel, is reluctant to swear to him.  Instead, she gets involved with Erien's Academy of Science for Sevolites where she meets Horth Nersal.  Erien’s work and Horth’s literal mindedness, get Horth and Ilse into big trouble with the Lion Reach Demish on a mission to bring staff for the Reetion Embassy to Gelion. Everything comes to a head at the first Cultural Exchange with the Reetions, on Barmi II.  (Published 2012)
  8. Gathering Storm - Amel's "Cinderella Ball" at which he must pick a bride, Sevolite prejudice against Reetion acceptance of homosexuals, and a persecuted order of peace-loving Nesaks stir the pot at Erien's first cultural exchange. Amel will be married before the exchange is done, Eler will be out of the closet as a playwrite, and the next war with the Nesaks will break out. Ilse Marin's attempt to flee her troubles only brings Horth Nersal calling, ending her attempt to deny her feelings and pitching her into even deeper trouble with her own kind. (ETA Fall 2012)
  9. Holy War - Sheltered Demish lifestyles clash with the horror of war. An injured Amel is treated by the strange Lorel doctor, Quinn, who came to find learn about the people of his clone-father, Di Mon. His new wife, Samanda O'Pearl, waits on Clara's World for their marriage to be consumated, entertaining unexpected guests. The alliance between the Nesak pacifists and Amel's luminaries brews trouble on SanHome, where Alivda and Herver fight duels on the street as K'isk Eteron tries to block them at every turn with conventional challenges. Amel and Horth strike a strange bargain to save Ilse from impeachment over her bastard child, and save SanHome pacifists.(Being edited)
  10. Unholy Science - Power exerted through bioscience was the greatest evil known to Okal Rel for a thousand years. Now medicine is honorable once more. But just when a war weary Sevildom least expects it, the past lashes out from the Reach of Luverthan. Can the tired and disillusioned leaders of change keep their heads? Or will history revert to a cycle of abuse punished by righteous anger, once again.

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