The Okal Rel Universe

reborn in slow culture

.. because not everything worth doing has to be fast.

Slow Culture and the ORU

The Okal Rel Universe (a.k.a. ORU) is the fictional setting of published and unpublished works shared through a variety of mechanisms over the decades.

The Okal Rel Saga, a ten-novel series chronicling the main arc of work by author Lynda Williams, was published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy between 2002 and 2015. But the ORU had been part of Lynda's life since childhood. A alternative reality she spends time in. So she bought back her rights when the published author gig was over, and experimented with running a press.

Good and bad things came of running Reality Skimming Press. In the end, it was just too expensive. Lynda just isn't a marketer of products for sale. So she considered giving it all up. Then she thought -- maybe it would be cheaper, and more in keeping with a puttering kind of semi-retired life style, to just give it away.

Slow culture means a lot of things. Just google it. For the Okal Rel Universe it means a way to continue in the way it began -- as a thinking space, fond escape and collaborative endeavour that exists for the entertainment and creative mental exercise of all concerned.

This space will evolve.