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Ev'rel Dem'Vrel, Amel's Loving Mother, Okal Rel Universe

The OKAL REL UNIVERSE is a science fiction phenomenon founded by author Lynda Williams, where fans embrace Lynda’s characters and concepts. What was once one woman's creation has taken on a life of its own, fueled by the creativity of many: fan and pro, artists and writers.

A quick look at the ORU bookstore will show you the wide breath of Okal Rel with a total of ten books in the main series (7 complete) published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing and twelve so far in the Legacies series produced by Absolute XPress. Reality Skimming, Lynda's open source blog, is a celebration of optimistic science fiction, showcasing the works of artists and writers both well-known and obscure. The Contribute page shows how to become published on the blog and how to contact about making it happen.

We hope you enjoy the ORU, and let yourself become entranced by this wondrous universe.

Ack Rel,

Lynda and her team

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