Okal Rel Universe

Okal Rel

Okal Rel is the dominant moral code of all sevolite civilizations, manifest in variants as different as orthodox Nesak theocracy and the agnostic philosophy of a Monatese rationalist, like Di Mon. The fundamental tenant of Okal Rel, across all variations, is profound respect for life sustaining habitat and biodiversity. All variations likewise acknowledge the right of the living to strive for betterment, however that may be defined either personally or collectively. Emphasis is placed on acknowledging individual lives as transient, while souls are recycled through rebirth. Literal minded Vrellish view rebirth as a factual recycling of souls through children born to one's descendants: hence the importance of having at least one living descendant before risking one's own life. The most refined worshippers of pol virtues, on Demish Demora, interpret soul stuff as something more amorphous, seeking rebirth where it is welcome or needed, like a musical theme that can be played on different instruments, although a touch of the right genetic heritage might help. Rene Lorel, the greatest Ava of his age, credited by the Monatese with revitalizing Okal Rel during a period of increasingly destructive conflict, likely viewed it as a moral philosophy for containing the escalating extremity and generalization of violence between rival sevolites, in his time. Okal Rel is self-regulating because the okal'a'ni are kept from rebirth by the vengeful anger of the Waiting Dead whose chances of rebirth were ruined or jeopardize by acts of the damned soul before death. It is the duty of every living creature to destroy the okal'a'ni as soon as they reveal themselves. None can sleep easy, honor their dead or hope for the future, while okal'a'ni monsters still breath. Other offenses against Okal Rel, of a less shocking nature, are deemed either dishonorable (cowardly, weak, untrustworthy) or sla (perverted, disgusting). Some ethnic divisions of Sevildom view pol as close to synonymous with dishonorable, with emphasis on the weak side of things, while others honor pol virtues and exalt them over rel behavior.

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